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The Big Baboon

Donald Trump Stairs

Descending from the stairs

Spotversje over Onze Grote Transatlantische Broeder:

The Big Baboon

As he descends
– Recording blurred –
From silver stairs,
No laugh was heard.

The Airforce One
Inhaled, relieved,
The scattered words
No one believed.

On his Grand Slam
He’s holding forth,
Without intent
To kiss the earth.

As pompous
As his wife is lean,
He takes a selfie
With the Queen.

He’s with the Universe
At odds.
He’s at the banquets
With the gods.

We always knew
He’s coming soon,
In tailored suit:
The Big Baboon.

Christ told us
Not to call our fellows fools.
It is not always easy
To obey His rules.

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